Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Germany and France are launching what they call a 'New Deal' to combat the problem of youth employment in Europe. 25 percent are out of work in the euro zone -- that figure rises to more than 50 percent in Greece and Spain. Luxury jeweler Tiffany announces earnings today. And will baseball show up at the next Summer Olympic Games? Not likely.

Are Chinese hackers targeting U.S. weapons systems?

Two dozen U.S. military weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers, according to the Washington Post.
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PODCAST: April showers bring May markets

McDonald's looks to slim down...its menu. Stock markets are still up in May. And why doesn't the MLB want baseball to be part of the Olympics?

May markets: What goes up must come down?

Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith Moore & Company, tells us why she hopes the stock market goes down this week.
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More businesses cancel meetings in China over bird flu fears

Morgan Stanley is moving its showcase of Asian hedge funds to New York after the event was cancelled in Shanghai last week due to concerns over bird flu, according to Bloomberg News.
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Electric car startup Better Place goes bust

Better Place, a company that aimed to solve the notorious electric car driving range problem, is going bust.
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California's high-speed rail meets opposition over eminent domain

Residents of California's Central Valley are trying to stop a high-speed rail system that would connect San Francisco to Los Angeles from cutting through their land.
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Germany and France launch 'New Deal' to combat youth unemployment

Germany and France are launching a 'New Deal' to combat the problem of youth employment in Europe. 24 percent are out of work in the euro zone -- that figure rises to more than 50 percent in Greece and Spain.
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Firefox focuses on new smartphone users in Latin America, Eastern Europe

Mozilla plans to offer its own operating system for smartphones, but not in Western Europe, the U.S, or China. Instead, the company will focus on countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe.
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Cable companies lose TV subscribers, but rake in more cash

While cable companies seem to get more competition from the likes of Netflix all the time, they're still better than ever at bringing in cash -- and the most recent earnings from big cable providers prove it.
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Customers in Asia add sparkle to Tiffany

Luxury products have benefited from rising stock market returns in the U.S., but Tiffany faces up-and-coming competitors.
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Will baseball be at the next Olympics? Not likely

Wrestling may be out, rock climbing may be in. But Major League Baseball doesn't want to take time out of its regular season to play in the Olympics.
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Does McDonald's have too many items on the menu?

Fewer choices might speed up service and put the 'fast' back into 'fast food', and it just might help you enjoy your burger more.
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