Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A big push for biomedical research?

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is giving $600 million to a group of 56 scientists. Jeremy Hobson reports what this could mean for biomedical research in general, which often has to get creative to find funding.
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Tapping the Arctic Ocean for oil

Arctic states are meeting in Greenland to discuss the possibility of exploring the Arctic Ocean for oil now that global warming has made it more accessible. Stephen Beard reports environmentalists are dismayed.

Racing toward the credit crunch

When Rick Snow's go-kart business was struggling with the slow economy, he made some changes with the help of a loan -- and came face-to-face with the credit crunch. Amy Scott has this first story of a new series.

It's a small fee, after all

Starting today, booking a trip with Disney Cruise Lines will cost an extra $8 a day, the latest fuel surcharge in the travel industry. Jeff Tyler reports the hike doesn't necessarily affect cruiser morale.
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Bush tries giving McCain a boost

President Bush has near record-low approval ratings at the moment, but he'll be fundraising in Arizona today with Republican presidential hopeful John McCain. Will this help or hurt his chances? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Beirut real estate: Really expensive

Despite serious fighting, some real estate in west Beirut is becoming even more valuable. Ben Gilbert takes a stroll with a broker through a formerly war-torn neighborhood and assesses the costs.
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Barbie in a Bratz fight

Barbie is taking major doll rivals Bratz to court on claims that the Bratz's creator was working for Mattel when he drew up the idea. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports no matter who wins, both companies are struggling.
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Texas takes trade trip to Cuba

A trade delegation from Texas will be in Cuba for seven days visiting and talking about food. Dan Grech reports the trip isn't about politics, though it could help foster a positive trading relationship.

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