Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new judge of the marketplace?

What could Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination mean to businesses, labor and investors? Bill Radke talks to law professor Donald Langevoort.
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Loan modifications for homeowners

The Obama administration has been looking to loan modifications to help some homeowners stay in their homes if they run into trouble. But a new report suggests they aren't stopping defaults. Dan Grech reports.

Markets reflect North Korea moves

What goes into the psyche of an investor after an event like North Korea's missile test? Steve Chiotakis asks Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith, Moore and Company in St. Louis.
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Where German banks could 'explode'

Germany's financial regulator warned that the country's banks could blow up if they don't seek the protection of the government's bank rescue plan. Their main concerns are toxic assets and a deep recession. Stephen Beard reports.
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Putting more profits on the books

Borders Books is hoping its new management will help turn store profits around. But some analysts are skeptical as to whether two finance pros will know enough about the book industry to get the job done. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Retail

U.S. cars have a little bit of China

If you ever want to verify the quality of a Chinese car, popping open the hood of any GM car might give you a clue. Many of the parts that comprise an American car roll off of a Chinese production line. Scott Tong reports.
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What's behind that Energy Star label

Consumers rely on the Energy Star label to tell them which products are the most energy efficient. But how thoroughly are those products tested before slapped with the green tag? Caitlan Carroll reports.

Can Hyundai be a U.S. luxury car?

Hyundai is hoping it can bring up its image as a maker of luxury cars with the U.S. roll-out of Equus, which runs for $70,000. But experts say lifting the company's existing brand won't be easy. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Real estate agents dwindling in ranks

The proliferation of real estate Web sites has had an adverse effect on the number of real estate agents out there. But there are still advantages to using a real, live person over an online listing. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Housing, Jobs

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