Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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With a report from the New American Foundation showing a problematic 8 percent rise in debt levels for graduate students over the last four years, Marketplace puts the value of a law degree on trial. Plus, a look at a new report that breaks down by state the 32 million people in the U.S. who are underinsured, meaning they have health coverage but it’s not robust enough to keep them from shouldering high costs when they get sick. Also, a conversation about how millennials are approaching the twists and turns of the present day economy from mounting student loan debt to securing employment in a still rocky job market. And as part of our New York Times’ series, reporter Ann Carrns met with one young man who decided plumbing was the best way for him to get ahead.

PODCAST: Disney gets into viral videos

A look at how the Fed measures inflation when deciding to adjust interest rates. And despite inheriting one of the toughest economic environments in years, Millennials are still optimistic.
Posted In: disney, inflation, millennials

Disney buys Maker Studios for $500 million

Disney will pay top price for the YouTube production network
Posted In: disney, Maker Studios, YouTube, videos, mobile

Putting student debt on trial

Law school applications are plummeting, so what are they worth?
Posted In: law school

Survival of the fittest millennial

How are millennials handling student debt and the difficulty of securing employment?
Posted In: Millenials, student loan debt, debt, working, employment, college, college grads

For plumbers, it’s all about the sweet smell of money

The hours long and the hazards nasty, but fixing pipes can bring six-figure income
Posted In: plumbers, vocational training

Being uninsured versus underinsured

The deadline to sign up for health insurance approaches
Posted In: ACA, Obamacare, Health, health care

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