Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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South Sudan, which gained independence just a couple of years ago after a long and bloody civil war, will resume pumping oil to Sudan after a shutdown that has lasted more than a year. The President of New York University is facing a no confidence vote this week -- some faculty say he's acting more like the head of a corporation than a university. And the writers group, PEN, looks to reinvent itself for the digital age.

PODCAST: Mega commuter, budget suitor

Washington kicks off a big budget week, but will the stalemate break? The cost of recusals at the SEC. And attack of the mega-commuters.

Budget fail: How long can Washington get along without a spending plan?

Washington Republicans and Democrats don't seem close to agreeing on a budget, but does the U.S. really need a federal budget in the first place?
Posted In: federal budget, Paul Ryan, Obama, sequester

How important is a federal budget anyway?

It's going to be a big budget week in Washington. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) released his spending plan today, and the Democrats are set to unveil their federal budget sometime in the next few days. But can the two sides come together and agree?
Posted In: federal budget, Paul Ryan

Can I see your violin's paperwork?

If you are a musician traveling abroad, you may soon need a passport -- for your instrument.
Posted In: Music, Travel

Quiz: How many workers live on $1.25 a day?

How many of the world's 3.1 billion workers live on just $1.25 per day -- the global poverty line as defined by the World Bank?
Posted In: poverty, global economy, working poor

Mary Jo White and the cost of recusal at the SEC

With the Senate Banking Committee taking up the Mary Jo White nomination to head the SEC, at issue are possible conflicts White might have as a former attorney who defended financial institutions and executives against government prosecution.
Posted In: Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White

South Sudan, Sudan agree to restart oil production

South Sudan, which seceded from the rest of Sudan in 2011, will begin oil production again, under a new deal negotiated in Ethiopia.
Posted In: Africa, Oil, exports

PEN is mighty, but needs to recruit new generation of writers

The writers' group PEN is well known for its core mission: Supporting free speech around the world. Its members include Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners. But it needs to expand, as the traditional publishing world shrinks.
Posted In: branding, media, writing, publishing

Is NYU's President acting too much like a corporate CEO?

This week, a faculty vote of confidence in NYU's President highlights the conflict over the increasingly corporate role of the university president.
Posted In: NYU, higher education, university

Internet creator Tim Berners-Lee: Copyright Alert System is bad for democracy

Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee speaks out about the importance of an open Internet and why Internet service providers should back off from their new Copyright Alert System.
Posted In: Internet, internet censorship, Tech

How much time do you spend traveling to work: Map

Mega-commuters spend hours each day getting to and from work -- are you one of them?
Posted In: Transportation, Traffic, commute

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