Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horse rescuers penned in by recession

At a time when horse rescue centers are dealing with increasing requests to take in animals, they're facing a decrease in funding.
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What will help the Fed change course?

The Federal Reserve are talking monetary policy today and tomorrow. But what will really come of it, and how will that affect inflation fears? Steve Chiotakis talks to Juli Niemann if Smith, Moore and Company in St. Louis.
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Venezuela may abolish drug patents

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans to invalidate some pharmaceutical patents, allowing local producers to create cheaper generic AIDS and cancer drugs. This could lead to future drug shortages. Dan Grech reports why.
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Ohio explores future of manufacturing

Vice President Biden is meeting with officials in Toledo today to discuss what might be the next great manufacturing boom. Ohio has lost 280,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade. Karen Kasler reports.

New plan to stop Swiss tax evaders

The U.S. appears to have caved on the case against UBS, but a new tax-evasion treaty signed by the U.S. and Switzerland won't make life any easier for Americans looking to cut tax corners. Stephen Beard reports.
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Microsoft tries to plug holes in Windows

Microsoft is giving away new computer security software that attempts to fix glitches in Windows. The real challenge for the software maker will be improving its image on security issues. Bob Moon reports.
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Automaker loans help fuel efficiency

Carmakers Ford, Tesla and Nissan will be the first automakers to receive up to $25 billion to update their infrastructure so they can produce more fuel-efficient cars. The loan would help speed up production. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Community solar power is within reach

Many people want to make the switch to solar in their homes, but think it's too difficult or expensive. One San Francisco company is trying to demystify the process one community at a time. Lisa Desai reports.

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