Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Protests flare in Brazil over widespread dissatisfaction with government services. China launches a pilot carbon trading market in the southern city of Shenzhen. A quiz about the world's gold supply. And counting the economic boost of a royal birth.

Solar phone chargers to come to NYC

It's happened to all of us. Your phone loses its charge in that one place you can't plug it in. Now, New York City is about to get solar chargers in many of those places.
Posted In: Cellphones, New York, New York City, solar

Weather forecasts get a design makeover

We are getting better at predicting the weather. Still, if prediction is half the battle, presentation is the other half.
Posted In: weather, app, design

PODCAST: Fed play-by-play

Following the Fed play-by-play. Can co-ops remake America's economy from the ground up?

When it comes to high-speed Internet, are cable companies all talk?

Delivering ultra high-speed Internet to users around the country is a challenge, but it's one that cable providers say they are ready and able to tackle.
Posted In: Internet, broadband, Comcast

Netflix gets into the blockbuster babysitter business

Netflix is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation to create original content. But their partnership isn't for grown-ups, it's for kids.
Posted In: netflix, dreamworks, kids, television, movies

Can co-ops remake America's economy from the ground up?

In a country where wages adjusted for inflation have been stuck in place for almost a decade, some scholars think the economy needs a more complete renovation.

Will the Fed keep feeding investors?

The Federal Reserve kicks off a two-day meeting today. The big question: Is the Fed going to scale back its bond-buying program?
Posted In: Federal Reserve, bonds, interest rates, Ben Bernanke

Are teacher prep programs worth the money?

We’re doing a terrible job of training teachers -- and that training is expensive.
Posted In: teacher training, No Child Left Behind, test scores, Education

Quiz: How much gold is there?

What could you fill with all the world's gold?
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Chinese carbon pollution: Buy or sell?

China launches a new pilot carbon market in the southern city of Shenzhen. Carbon cap and trade schemes have had a hard time getting off the ground in other countries. Can China make it succeed?
Posted In: China, carbon credits, carbon market

Protests flare in Brazil over dissatisfaction with government services

Up until last year, Brazil's economy was surging. But growth has slowed, just as the government is preparing to host soccer’s World Cup next year.
Posted In: brazil, protests, soccer

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