Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Alzheimer's drug could pay off

A new drug called bapineuzumab has potential to be a strong weapon against Alzheimer's disease. While risks are still being assessed, drug sales could hit $3 billion if the final trial goes well. Janet Babin reports.
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Goldman Sachs close to complex deal

Goldman Sachs is close to clinching a deal involving $7 billion of complex asset-backed securities in hopes of making leeway against the credit crunch. Stephen Beard compares the deal to a sausage.
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European luxury items really a luxury

The rise of the euro has meant trouble for the European luxury goods market. Expensive wine and cheese has become even more expensive to import into the U.S. Dan Grech goes into specifics of the pricing conundrum.

The economics of illegal business

Some principles of economics can be applied to businesses that aren't legal. Commentator and author Dan Ariely tells us what he's learned about behavioral economics from his pen-pal in the illegal downloading business.

When gold's up, do only fools rush in?

With the price of gold up, the thought of pawning your mother's old jewelry might seem more appealing. Jaime Bedrin made an attempt to sell of a necklace laying around to see what it could fetch -- and wasn't entirely impressed.
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New FEC commissioners wanted

With just two sitting commissioners on the FEC, decisions can't be reached on campaign finance laws. So the Senate is working towards approving new ones. Steve Henn reports the new group will have a lot of work ahead.

AOL disconnecting its dial-up

Believe it or not, AOL still makes up to $2 billion a year from its dial-up business. But parent Time Warner hopes to sell off the dial-up wing within the next few months. Bob Moon tries connecting with its users.

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