Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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The use of government contractors involved in surveillance work has grown tremendously since 9/11. We take a loook at how big the business has become. And we visit another business that's growing: E-cigarettes. Finally, can money and planning stop severe flooding in Europe?

E-cigarettes offer brave new world for smokers and cigarette makers

E-cigarette sales are still only a fraction of the total cigarette market. But that share is growing steadily -- tobacco companies and others are taking notice.
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The growth of government contractors in surveillance

The use of government contractors involved in surveillance work has grown tremendously since 9/11. How big is this business?
Posted In: contractors, surveillance, nsa, PRISM

Bond yields spike on interest rate apprehension

Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith Moore & Company, explains what's got bond yields rising.
Posted In: bonds, interest rates

Bank fees and the $38 latte: Back with a vengeance

Opting into your bank’s overdraft protection could leave you paying higher fees and make your account more likely to be shut down, according to a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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PODCAST: The $38 latte strikes again

The $38 latte strikes again. The meaning of means testing for farmers. And the problem on focusing on shareholder value.

Apple unveils new design, product lines at WWDC

Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday by unveiling some new designs and product lines -- though no game-changers were announced.
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Can money and planning stop future flooding in Europe?

Residents of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and beyond are still wading through high waters today. Severe flooding has led to the deaths of at least 24 people.
Posted In: flood, Europe, weather

Do you care about government surveillance? You're in the minority

Do you care if the government knows who you're talking to on Facebook and when? Whom you're emailing? If so, why? If not, why not?
Posted In: nsa, PRISM, pew, surveillance

The meaning behind means testing for crop insurance

Tucked into the farm bill is language that would add means testing to the federally subsidized crop insurance program.
Posted In: farm bill, crop insurance, Agriculture

The problem with focusing on shareholder value

It's standard practice in today's business world that the focus should be on increasing value to shareholders. But it hasn't always been that way.
Posted In: shareholders, Earnings

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