Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday June 10, 2014

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US President Barack Obama
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Radio Shack today is rolling out a nationwide expansion of its "Fix It" program. Customers can bring in phones with cracked screens, water damage, broken buttons etc. and have them fixed on site for as little as $39.99. Currently, these fixes can be so expensive that people just don’t bother to make them. Has Radio Shack found the hole-in-the-market that could save consumers money and save a company that some had already written off? Plus, Obama will participate in a special Q&A event on Tumblr where he will answer students’ questions about student loan debt. Also, college grads are on the hunt for jobs, and firms are finally showing more readiness to hire them. A company called Collegefeed wants to step in as matchmaker, acting in a way that's similar to dating websites. Then, California has some of the most ambitious energy conservation goals in the nation. State building codes will require all new residential and commercial buildings be Zero Net energy by 2030. That means buildings will have to produce as much energy as they use. To accomplish that, lots of construction workers will be needed which will translate into new jobs.

That college essay on Proust could land you a job

Collegefeed helps students spin their college experiences into job qualifications
Posted In: Unemployment, college graduate, dream job

'Greening' construction jobs for energy efficiency

Ambitious goals for energy conservation are turning blue collar jobs "green"
Posted In: green jobs, job training, CALCTP

Time Warner considers buying a stake in bad boy media

Vice Media is more than sex, drugs, and rock and's money, too.
Posted In: media, media companies, Time Warner
Construction On New Housing Falls 10 Percent In June

PODCAST: Turning blue collar "green"

The state of part-time, turning jobs "green," and how Radio Shack fixes itself

Can Radio Shack fix it?

Has Radio Shack found the key to save consumers money and its business?
Posted In: radio shack, electronics, repair

Obama, Tumblr, and student debt

President Barack Obama will be talking student debt on Tumblr.
Posted In: loan student debt, tumblr, Barack Obama, News

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