Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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The center of the tech, media, and business universe shifts to Sun Valley, Idaho today for the annual gathering of tycoons sponsored by investment bank Allen & Company. New research shows coal heat reduces life expectancy in China. And ever apply for a job and never hear back? Some companies are working on better ways to deliver their rejections.

Christie's auctions off Apple 1 computer for $390,000

Christie's auctioned off one of the world's first Apple computers for $390,000 today. Why was the price so high?
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Tell us: What’s a piece of old technology you refuse to give up?

Maybe it’s a record player, slide projector, or a toaster oven you bought in 1992. Does your old gadget outperform new technologies? Why are you still holding on to it?
Posted In: electronics, history

PODCAST: Auditor rotation, Christian vocation

Should companies be forced to rotate auditors? As Barnes & Noble struggles, Christian bookstores succeed. And tech companies look to stay ahead of hackers.

Gas prices may seem ok now, but don't say we didn't warn you

The wholesale price of oil fell this morning, but it's still hovering above $100 a barrel.
Posted In: gas, big oil, Oil

LIBOR gets a new shepherd

The contract to run the London Interbank Offered Rate or LIBOR -- one of the key benchmarks in the global financial system -- has been awarded to NYSE Euronext.
Posted In: LIBOR, libor scandal, NYSE

Should companies be forced to rotate auditors?

The House of Representatives has voted to ban a proposed requirement that would force companies to rotate auditors every few years.
Posted In: accounting, audit, Congress

Coal pollution cuts life expectancy in China

China's government policy to promote coal use may have cut life expectancy for millions of people by more than five years on average.
Posted In: China, coal, air pollution, pollution

As Barnes & Noble struggles, Christian bookstores succeed

Christian bookstores are boosting sales by drawing people in for everything from coffee to bible study sessions.
Posted In: bookstore, religion, Christianity, Barnes & Noble

In Egypt, protests or coup? Wikipedia decides

The semantics debate on Wikipedia could have real world consequences.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi

Tech companies look to stay ahead of hackers

Intellectual property accounts for about 35 percent of U.S. GDP. But hackers, many of them in foreign countries, are working harder than ever to steal it.
Posted In: intellectual property, hacking, cybersecurity

Moguls head to deal-making summer camp in Sun Valley

Investment bank Allen & Co's annual get together for the business glitterati starts today in Sun Valley, and the media deals could pile up.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, media, Tech

The delicate art of rejecting a job candidate

Why some companies are trying to close the door on job candidates a little more politely.
Posted In: Jobs, job interview, job applications, human resources

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