Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Handheld game makes measuring blood sugar fun

It can be tough to remind a young diabetic to check their blood sugar 12 times a day, so drug maker Bayer has developed a new game to make the measurement less of a drag.
Posted In: Health

U.S. wind power slumps on low demand

Groundbreaking is scheduled this morning on Terra-Gen Power's Mojave desert wind farm, one of the largest in the world. But demand for wind power nationally is down.

Slow Indian court system serves delayed justice

India's court system is backlogged with a deluge of cases. But a new record-keeping database may provide some hope for speeding up the country's justice system.
Posted In: Crime

Why China's government can write off $200B in bad loans

Chinese banks have made loans totaling more than a trillion dollars to local governments throughout that country. But a central government audit shows 20 percent of that money may never be paid back.

BP's 2Q profit absorbed in $32B oil spill cost

BP earned $5 billion in the second quarter, a higher figure over this time last year. The company will now rope the profits into the overall loss.
Posted In: Oil

Critics target loopholes in financial reform

Regulators are meeting at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to discuss major loopholes banks have found in the new financial reform.
Posted In: Banks, Wall Street

SEC offers lucrative bounties to whistle-blowers

Part of the new financial reform law offers big rewards to whistle-blowers who report wrongdoing to the SEC.
Posted In: Banks

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