Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Should investors worry over U.S. default?

As the deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches, one financial planner says ignore the politics and stick with your long-term investment plans.
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August 2: default day, or just another Tuesday

Several banks now say the Treasury Department will collect more in taxes than planned, possibly pushing back the debt ceiling deadline.

Explainer: How do governments borrow and lend

On August 2, the U.S. Treasury Department says it will run out of cash and could have to default on some of its debts -- namely U.S. Treasury bonds.

Amid debt fears, investors look to Switzerland for safety

U.S. Treasury bonds have typically been the safety investment for investors, but the debt risk means U.S. debt is less safe. So, the new darling currency is the Swiss Franc.

America: One of two developed nations with debt ceilings

Europe correspondent Stephen Beard discusses the latest on the debt talks and reveals the only other advanced nation with a debt ceiling.

Debt talk: Still no deal

Washington took to the airwaves yesterday to explain why there was still no plan to raise the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, Wall Street is holding its breath and hoping for a deal before the August 2nd deadline.

In the debt ceiling debate, Obama warns of worst case scenario

After months of debate, only two debt plans are currently on the table: a Democratic plan that avoids cutting Medicare and Social Security, and the Republican plan to raise the debt ceiling in stages.

Mapping the U.S. and the world in terms of economy

It may be called the United States of America, but the economies of each of the states are vastly different from one another. A new book maps it all out.

FDIC waits for new director

The FDIC has important roles to fulfill under the Dodd-Frank Act, in preventing systemic failures of big banks. But it needs a new director to replace Sheila Bair to get its part done.
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Arizona takes a stand on Medicaid

Policymakers in Arizona say they aren't cutting coverage. Instead, the state is freezing enrollment for childless adults.
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