Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For cars, green's the way to go

One of Europe's top auto shows opens in London today. Green is the theme, but red is the dominate color, as Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports.

There's a silver lining for Wachovia

Wachovia is reporting quarterly losses of nearly $9 billion, and more than 6,000 workers will lose their jobs as a result. But Dan Grech tells us the news may not be as dire as it first appears.
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India nuclear deal sparks debate

Critics are pushing for a no-confidence vote against the Indian government sparked by a controversial nuclear deal with the Bush Administration. Bob Moon talks about the deal with reporter Mehul Srivastava from New Delhi.

Lawmakers PAC in for retirement

It's no surprise lawmakers have campaign funds to help them get re-elected, but they also have a second pool of donations they can use however they want, even after they retire. Steve Henn continues our PAC Men series.

A new USDA label for biotech

Today, the Department of Agriculture holds a meeting to discuss a new label for products made from soy or other alternatives to petrochemicals. Amy Scott has more on bio-based products and the expanding market for them.
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Energizing Fort Worth charities

Energy companies are pumping billions of dollars into Fort Worth's economy every year. Kate Archer Kent reports why nonprofits in the area aren't having the same problems raising money as charities elsewhere.
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Women more worried about retirement

New research says women worry more about their retirement savings lasting than men. And with lower retirement income, longer lives and more older people being single, there's reason to worry. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Congress may increase Medicaid funds

Cash-strapped states are trimming back their health care benefits, which often hits the poor and poor children the hardest. So Congress is considering boosting federal funding for state Medicaid expenses. Steve Henn reports.
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