Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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FCC wants more Americans with broadband Internet

Steve Chiotakis talks with Washington Post tech reporter Cecilia Kang about the FCC's message to Internet providers for more broadband access to more Americans.

U.S. employers considering medical tourism

American employers are considering medical tourism for their employees as a cheaper insurance option -- one employer even offers money to employees who opt to get treatment overseas.
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SEC's Schapiro testifies to Congress

SEC chair Mary Schapiro faces Congress about Goldman Sachs and the SEC's new responsibilities under the financial overhaul law.

Do benefits discourage the unemployed from job searching?

The Senate is expected to vote later today on the extension of unemployment benefits, and a heated debate is centered around whether those checks demotivate the unemployed from finding a job. We posed the big question to economist Diane Lim Rogers.
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Warren could clash with Geithner as CFPB head

TARP Congressional Oversight Panel chair Elizabeth Warren is the frontrunner for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Will tension between Warren and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner prevent her from nomination?
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Florida assesses fallout, claims in BP spill

Florida lawmakers are considering a constitutional amendment to ban drilling in state waters. Meanwhile, Kenneth Feinberg, who is overseeing BP's $20 billion compensation fund, is preparing rules on what makes claims legitimate.

Fiscal measures shake up Ireland's financial house

Ireland sold $2 billion worth of government debt today to fund its country's budget. The move was more expensive due to Moody's cutting Ireland's credit rating.

BP will be focal point in Cameron's U.S. visit

British Prime Minister David Cameron's meeting with President Obama will likely be overshadowed by BP and the Gulf of Mexico.
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California auditors find fault in funeral fund funneling

California regulators have found problems with the way managers have handled the money in one of the state's largest funeral trusts.
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Amazon ebook sales pull ahead of traditional books

Amazon reported sales of digital books were much stronger this quarter than old-fashioned books, with 143 ebooks selling for every 100 hardcovers.
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