Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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As Pope Francis moves to shake up the Vatican Bank, the troubled bank seems to be shaking itself up, too. Two top officials quit today, amid a new scandal. Today data will be released on U.S. car sales for June. Some are predicting the best month since before the great recession. And a look at the fees immigrants pay to get H-1B visa jobs.

PODCAST: Game, set, match

Heads roll at the Vatican bank. More and more houses built in 'red zones' despite wildfires. And Wimbledon upsets threaten TV ratings -- or do they?

Despite wildfires, more homes built in forests

Why more and more homes are going up in the country’s most fire-prone areas.
Posted In: colorado, fire, wildfire, home insurance

When a deflating economy may not be all that bad

Chrysler and Ford are reporting strong sales numbers, particularly truck sales, for June. Though manufacturing data across several other industries is down.
Posted In: Unemployment, Federal Reserve, jobs report, deflation

Winklevoss twins plan Bitcoin fund IPO

The Winklevoss twins are trying to set up a fund that will allow investors to trade Bitcoins as if they were stock.
Posted In: bitcoin, currency, Securities and Exchange Commission

Cairo stock market hits three month high amid protests

With protesters, the military and the Egyptian government heading for new confrontations, the stock market in Cairo is up.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi, Arab Spring, stock market

Weird Wimbledon threatens to upset ratings and ads

What the ouster of big names like Serena Williams and Roger Federer could mean for ESPN's ratings and revenue.
Posted In: Sports, tennis, espn, television, ratings

Heads roll at the Vatican bank

Two top officials at the bank quit this week, as allegations of fraud and corruption continue to swirl.
Posted In: Vatican, Vatican Bank, pope, Catholic church

The future of desert solar power

Solar facilities like Ivanpah could be the future -- or, they could be a footnote in the history of clean energy.
Posted In: solar power, alternative energy, california, desert

Vobfus and Beebone: Two computer viruses team up to infect computers

Computer viruses are bad enough, but what happens when they start cooperating to ruin your digital life?
Posted In: computer virus, hacking

Zynga, seeking mobile turnaround, names Microsoft Xbox head as CEO

Microsoft executive Don Mattrick will become the next CEO of social gaming company Zynga as the company seeks salvation through mobile platforms.
Posted In: zynga, Microsoft, video game, xbox

How much gas is left in auto sales rebound?

Consumers are expected to keep snapping up cars and trucks, due in part to the improving housing market.
Posted In: cars, trucks, housing recovery, Auto

Groupon founder tries hand at motivational music

Groupon’s ousted founder Andrew Mason thinks he has some business wisdom to impart. So, he’s cut an inspiration album.
Posted In: Music, groupon

H-1B visa dream a nightmare for some foreign teachers

Some immigrants looking to teach in the U.S. are forced to pay multiple fees for the chance.
Posted In: Immigration, immigration reform, H-1B visas, visa

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