Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robo-signing could be a much larger problem than initially expected

Pallavi Gogoi, business writer for the Associated Press, explains how a nationwide investigation into robo-signed mortgage documents could reveal 'millions' of questionable signatures.
Posted In: Housing

Price of gold reaches new high

Debt problems on both sides of the Atlantic have sent investors in search of a 'safe' investment that has historically kept its value.
Posted In: Economy

Real estate market health is all about sector, sector, sector

With 400 remaining Borders stores closing, and a growth in the popularity of multi-family homes, the real estate market is developing to meet new demands. Juli Niemann explains.
Posted In: Housing

Bank of America earnings disappoint

An expensive mortgage-backed security settlement and a balance sheet still weighed down by bad loans contributed to a $9 billion second-quarter loss for the largest bank in the country.
Posted In: Banks

Media mogul Murdoch started small Down Under

Embattled News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch's empire began with a single newspaper in Australia. As his holdings in the UK come under fire, we take a look at how that one paper turned into a business spanning continents.
Posted In: Entertainment

Apple eyes deal with world's largest wireless provider

China Mobile has 600 million users -- and reports are that those users may soon be able to buy an iPhone

Chinese government opens strategic pork reserve

Pork is a main staple in the Chinese diet, so when the price of the meat fluctuates it affects both rich and poor across every region of the country.
Posted In: Food

Where are women in the debt talks?

Besides House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, there are no women in the leadership of the debt ceiling debates. Congresswoman Susan Davis, a Democrat from California, says that should change.

Obama's fuel efficiency standards may be too high

Big carmakers are fighting against the Obama administration's latest proposal for fuel efficiency standards.
Posted In: Auto

What Borders' liquidation could mean for competitors

If Borders closes all its stores, competing bookstores like Barnes & Noble will probably suffer through some short-term pain.
Posted In: Retail

Chipotle expected to keep profits on the upswing

With its simple menu and fresh ingredients, the burrito chain has delighted both diners and investors.
Posted In: Food

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