Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday July 15, 2014

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Home Depot is selling 3D printers for $1400-3000 each. Who's buying them, and why? What do they print? What about the cartridges? So many questions. So little time! Also, President Obama is trying to stir up some passion for shoring up the national infrastructure. The White House released a report Monday afternoon touting the long-term economic benefits of fixing the nation’s roads and bridges. And Tuesday, he visits Virginia to talk about it again.  But chances are good that his efforts will fall flat.  Even though everybody hates driving on potholed roads, or wants to avoid sewage pipe ruptures, the American public just doesn’t care much about this issue.
Home Depot

PODCAST: Home Depot in 3D

Janet Yellen's New Yorker profile, Airplanes for sale, and Home Depot sells 3D printers.

Hammer, lumber, 3-D printer? Home Depot sells it all

Home Depot is selling 3D printers starting at $1400 apiece. We have questions.
Posted In: 3-d, 3D printing, Home Depot

Shlepping bike-share cycles in a giant van

Urban bike share's low-carbon, high-tech vision ... requires a few gas guzzlers.
Posted In: bike sharing, urban, sustainability

Casinos developers take extra steps to sweeten the pot

A new casino promises $300 million to Boston, even though it won't be in the city.
Posted In: casinos, boston, gambling

Highway spending slowed by gridlock in Congress

Some states are already moving forward with their own infrastructure funding.
Posted In: highway trust fund, infrastructure

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