Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Car companies on level playing field

With Japanese car companies cutting back on production it seems the auto industry is struggling across the board. Scott Jagow talks with automotive expert Ashvin Chotai about who might survive post-crisis.
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In major cities, vacancy lights flashing

If you have the money to go on vacation right now, the hotel industry will have a great deal for you. Jill Barshay reports hotels in Midtown New York are going at almost a fraction of what they were last year.
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More chronic illness in younger people

A new study says we're paying 40 percent more for out-of-pocket medical costs than a decade ago. A rise in chronic diseases earlier in life are partially to blame. Dan Grech reports.
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Protecting workers from profit mongers

As lawmakers work on Capitol Hill to resolve the economic crisis, working-class people wonder if their interests are being protected. Commentator Kathleen Denny thinks profits are the main attraction.

Finding ways to keep waste local

Americans throw away an estimated 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, so you'd think we'd have enough raw materials for recyclable products. Sam Eaton explores the issue behind the waste and how Obama's stimulus plan may help.

Europe struggles to tap Russian gas

Europe is caught on the losing end of the gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine. But while politics play a role in the squabble, money may be the main concern. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard in London.
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Toyota scaling back auto production

Toyota is shutting down production significantly in the next two months due to poor sales. The company experienced a bigger percentage decline in the U.S. than GM and Ford. Janet Babin reports 2009 could be a tough year.
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