Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monoline insurers at risk

What will be the fate of monoline insurers when they lose triple-A status from credit rating agencies? European correspondent Stephen Beard tells Doug Krizner widespread downgrades could be very serious for the economy.
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Early Fed cut could precede another

The U.S. Federal Reserve's announcement of a rate cut this morning came a week before the Fed was supposed to meet on the issue. John Authers of The Financial Times says this might set a bad precedent for another expected rate cut next week.

Paulson focuses on tax relief in address

Before reacting to this morning's rate cut, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson addressed President Bush's stimulus plan for the U.S. economy. Dan Grech reports Paulson's main concern is the Democratic Congress.
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Measurement change for emissions

Environmentalists are trying to fine tune the measurement of companies' carbon emissions, and they've started looking at the supply chains of big companies. But Nancy Marshall Genzer reports emissions can be hard to measure.

Opening the 'soup kitchen' for writers

To support hungry writers and stay in business, one restaurant in Los Angeles has offered a "soup kitchen" on Wednesdays. Lenora Chu reports Campanile isn't making a profit, but at least it's making new customers.

New report could risk false optimism

The National Association for Business Economics will release its quarterly survey today on business conditions. Jeremy Hobson reports there may be some good news, but some analysts feel the report shouldn't be so upbeat.
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The impact of bond insurance

There's a lot of distress surrounding the U.S. economy, but is something specific driving a huge sell-off in Asia? Andrew Wood of The Financial Times talks to Scott Jagow about the bond insurance market.
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Could tax rebates be the answer?

The Senate is tackling the U.S. economy today, and some analysts are looking into tax rebates to the poor as a solution. Danielle Karson reports even if that were to be enacted, slow delivery could be a problem.
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Writers' pain means others' gain

Entering a third month, the TV and movie writers' strike has hurt a lot of workers, but it's also helped a few other industries. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports who's benefitting from the new climate.
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