Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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The Senate rang in the New Year around 2 a.m. by pushing through a fiscal cliff compromise. The IRS is one of the agencies most affected by the uncertainty. Until a final deal is closed, it looks like the 2013 tax season could be a tumultuous one. There are rumors the chip-maker Intel could roll out a TV set-top box next week, at the Consumer Electronics Show. This would be Intel's second run at this kind of thing -- so why is it so intent on getting its hardware into your living room?

PODCAST: New Year, new deal

We've got some good analysis on this evolving deal and some informed prognoses on where we go from here, from a couple of heavy-hitting economists of both parties. Then we'll pivot to another controversial topic: Obamacare... And see how one of the most progressive states is doing at setting up its insurance exchange.

Awaiting approval for state health insurance exchanges

The fiscal cliff was hardly the only important deadline today in Washington. Today's the day for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to tell states whether their plans for health insurance exchanges pass muster.
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U.S. still awaits a final fiscal cliff deal

The Senate deal permanently raises income taxes for individuals making more than $400,000 a year. It delays -- for just two months -- most of those automatic spending cuts that were set to kick in. And it includes a number of other provisions to stave off the most pressing aspects of the fiscal cliff.
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One school teaching life skills through hockey

Educators continue to experiment -- trying to find formats that engage kids and help prep the workforce of the future. One new private school near Minneapolis offers a particularly "Minnesota"-style approach.
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Rumors of Intel's entry into TV grow

Intel has been inside computers for years. Now the rumors are spreading that the chip maker is about to announce a major move into TV.
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The IRS in limbo as fiscal cliff debate continues

The IRS faces a ton of decisions, changes and updates in the fiscal cliff deals. But until there is a deal, the federal agency is as uncertain about the future as everyone else.
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