Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A better outlook for European markets

Investors are feeling more comfortable with the prospects a solution to the debt problems in Greece, Spain and Portugal. Steve Chiotakis talks to analyst Juli Niemann of Smith, Moore and Company.
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Areva buys Ausra for solar power-up

French nuclear power giant Areva is buying Ausra, a Silicon Valley solar start-up, with hopes of dominating the solar thermal power market. Sarah Gardner explains who gets what out of the deal and why Areva might be looked at as a French GE.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Small biz still moody in better economy

A new survey from the National Federation of Independent Business says the mood among small businesses remains sullen despite a growing U.S. economy. Brett Neely examines what could lift the gloom.

Pilots risk all for long hours, low pay

Federal Aviation Administration says airline pilots can't fly more than eight hours a day. But a special Frontline report airing tonight shows us a world that doesn't abide by this rule -- at the severe risk of the pilots. Miles O'Brien reports.
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UBS far from worry-free despite profits

UBS reported a billion dollars in earnings today -- its first profit in over than a year. But the Swiss banking giant's rewarding numbers also indicate a worrying trend. Stephen Beard explores what's rattling the nerves of UBS's depositors.
Posted In: Investing

Tracing Toyota's faults pre-recall

Safety regulators are coming under scrutiny for failing to spot issues with Toyota vehicles before the company needed to implement a massive recall. But not everyone was asleep at the wheel. Bill Radke delves deeper with Marketplace's Brett Neely.
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Cop cars can't cruise well on a budget

Law enforcement agencies faced with shrinking budgets have been forced to keep their aging cruisers on the road. And that's meant a lot of cash-strapped repairs and slow-moving Crown Victorias. Gigi Douban reports.
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Social buzz isn't what it once was

Word of mouth has long been one of the most effective ways for businesses to get their names out. But a new study finds the buzz generated in social circles isn't what it used to be. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Internet

Cars suffer from auto commonization

Toyota says it's recalling more than 400,000 Priuses, and it's recalled a lot of other cars for sudden acceleration, thanks largely to the commonization of several parts. Alisa Roth explains what that means.
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