Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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The company that makes  the iPhone, iPad, Kindle and a host of other electronics is beefing up its union. Foxconn has been under pressure to improve worker pay and conditions and announced this week that it is enhancing its labor union. The maker of the video game Grand Theft Auto reports earnings today. And finally, he ran the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas, and since 2008, he's been the President of the University of California. Mark Yudof joins us to discuss higher education, online learning, and his legacy.

PODCAST: Dell reaches a deal to go private, Muzak changes to Mood

The U.S. government is suing Standard & Poor's. A check in on the business market in Boise, Idaho. And, Muzak gets a name change.

Dell reaches $24.4 billion deal to go private

Founder Michael Dell, equity firm Silver Lake Partners, and Microsoft are taking the Texas-based company off the market in an effort to make the company more agile, and hopefully, more profitable.
Posted In: Dell, Microsoft

Justice Department sues S&P over securities ratings

In a lawsuit filed late Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice claims the credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s knew some $4 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities were risky.
Posted In: S&P, credit rating, financial crisis

Departing UC President on the state of higher ed, future of online learning

As he completes his final months as President of University of California, Mark Yudof joins us to reflect on the state of higher education and the future of online learning.
Posted In: higher education, california

France's president says no to 'endless austerity'

Francois Hollande gives his first speech to the European Parliament as head of state.
Posted In: France, Francois Hollande, austerity, Europe debt crisis

As mobiles apps about, wither video games?

Despite the gaming rage, sales of video games are down. Is that because of fatigue or the onslaught of mobile devices and their casual games?
Posted In: video games, mobile apps, gaming

View from a small business in a recovering economy

Boise burger-and-Idaho-fries entrepreneur expands his business as joblessness contracts.
Posted In: Unemployment, Entrepreneurship, Boise, idaho

At Foxconn, workers union gets teeth

Workers at the major Apple supplier in China will soon have a new union that represents them. Formerly, the union was controlled by management.
Posted In: China, Foxconn, apple

President's Chief Technology Officer announces new round of Innovation program

President Obama's Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, talks about what exactly America's CTO does -- and announces a second round of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program.
Posted In: Tech, Obama

America: Land of the free...Internet?

Some American cities tried this and ran up against a buzz saw of opposition from companies that sell Internet service.
Posted In: fcc, Internet, Tech, wifi

How Sandy disrupted phone communications

The FCC looks at what can be done to minimize disruptions to phone service during natural disasters.
Posted In: Tech, Hurricane Sandy, cell phone, fcc

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