Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Global stock markets are falling this morning after Italian voters gave the world's eighth largest economy a dose of political uncertainty. No political party won a clear majority in parliament. One of the biggest threats American companies are grappling with right now is the threat of a cyber attack. But the way the business community has responded to a recent string of hacking incidents thought to be coming from China is attracting criticism. And the price of lumber is up again, but does that mean we will see more trees falling?

Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke takes the stand

In his semi-annual report to Congress, Ben Bernanke reaffirmed the Federal Reserves bond buying policy, but said monetary policy alone cannot prop up the economy.
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PODCAST: Mobile ad fail, sequester scale

With no victor in Italy's election, uncertainty wins the day. How does the sequester compare to budget cuts past? And mobile ads struggle to attract marketers.

Uncertainty in Italy radiates to eurozone

Poll results in Italy show power is split between a number of parties, including one led by former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.
Posted In: italy, spain, Europe, Berlusconi, Mario Monti

How does the sequester compare to budget cuts past? A brief history

Budget cuts known as sequester aren’t unprecedented, experts say. But their timing and indiscriminate nature are worrying.
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Italy election deadlock reignites debt crisis fears

The European debt crisis has calmed down a lot in the past few months, but elections in Italy have ended in deadlock and uncertainty is back.
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Block that pop-up! Why mobile ads don't work

As ads shrink to fit our mobile screens, are they still effective?
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With no clear victor, uncertainty wins Italy's election

Global stock markets are falling this morning after preliminary election results in Italy indicate no political party won a clear majority in parliament.
Posted In: italy, election, Europe debt crisis, austerity, Berlusconi

Mum's the word for U.S. businesses hacked by China

Experts say China's hacking is motivated by the need to innovate, but many of the U.S. firms that are victims need to reconsider their response to the attacks.
Posted In: China, hacking, Tech

Google Glass has the tech specs, but no style

We know Google plans to make its high tech spectacles called Google Glass available this year. The price tag: about $1,500 a pair. But are these lens-less frames really a technological revolution?
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GM's Internet cars: The end of FM radio?

General Motors and AT&T have announced that so-called 'LTE' wireless connections will come as an option in many Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs, and GMC's next year.
Posted In: GM, Auto, lte, Internet

Lumber stacks up big profits

Despite a 46 percent jump in softwood lumber prices, many timber companies are wary to head into the forests.
Posted In: lumber, housing market, construction

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