Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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More than 850 colleges offer their students school-sponsored debit or prepaid cards. And most allow students to receive their financial aid disbursements on those cards. But, the fees and transparency surrounding the cards are under scrutiny. Also: Uber officially launches in China, but the Bay area start-up may have a rough ride in a market already saturated with similar apps.

PODCAST: College debit cards and Chinese taxi cabs

The government looks at the student debit card market.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Saga logo from King Digital Entertainment PLC,

The Candy Crush (IPO) Saga

King Digital Entertainment hopes to ride the success of its game Candy Crush Saga to stage a $500 million IPO.
Posted In: Candy Crush, mobile, mobile gaming, games, IPO, Tech, technology

Kenya eyes new anti-poaching methods, including drones

Demand for ivory in China has authorities scrambling to stop poaching.

LGBT senior citizens find welcoming home in Philadelphia

New housing projects are tailored to gay, lesbian and transgender senior citizens.
Posted In: LGBT, senior citizen, senior citizens, Housing, Retirement

Uber faces tough competition in China

China is already saturated with similar car-service apps.
Posted In: China, Uber

Report spotlights fees on college-sponsored student cards

Colleges can include surprising fees on prepaid and debit cards.
Posted In: Education, debit cards

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