Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Next quarter won't be like this one

The U.S. economy was not horrific in the third quarter, but this quarter and the next could be trouble. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports the biggest culprit in the third quarter was consumers.

When athletes must part with the prize

Sometimes paying the bills means parting with something valuable. For professional athletes, that could mean pawning that hard-earned -- but quite bedazzled -- championship ring. Dan Grech reports what's for sale.
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Fewer greetings for the holidays

To cut back on holiday spending, some people aren't even splurging for "season's greetings" cards this year. But Bob Moon reports a good percentage of people will likely continue to buy cards -- especially in the corporate world.
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It's cheaper if it was taken into custody

Your local police department has to do something with all that confiscated evidence and those stolen goods that go without a claim. Why not benefit? Cash Peters visited the people at, a police auction Web site.
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Not a banner year for mergers

The credit crisis foiled about 1,300 mergers this year, worth a total of about $900 billion. Investment bankers were hurt by the failed deals, but Stephen Beard reports this could help them get a strong leg up for 2009.
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UAW unsettled with auto bailout deal

With a $17 billion loan package for General Motors and Chrysler come strings attached involving wages. But the United Auto Workers union isn't entirely satisfied, which could make negotiations ahead rocky. Steve Henn reports.
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Living through the layoff and holiday

Marketing executive Christine Elbert's morning routine has changed pretty significantly since she was laid off, but she's weathering the storm and enjoying the holiday with her family. Jill Barshay has her story.
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Bailout could help stem foreclosures

Representative Barney Frank is drafting new legislation to help stem home foreclosures and reduce mortgage rates. The plan would use some bailout money and ideas from FDIC chair Sheila Bair. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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IndyMac backdating helped downfall

The FDIC takeover of failing bank IndyMac in July cost several billion dollars. But the maneuver may have been avoided if not for a cover-up that allowed the bank to continue operating while nearly out of money. Steve Henn reports.
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