Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Forget the fiscal cliff, the European debt crisis and the slowdown in China. Carmakers are on track for a record year, led by sales right here in the U.S. There are reports that a deal is close between Google and the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement would end a two-year investigation into whether Google unfairly uses its dominance of search to steer customers to other Google businesses. Plus, why it turns out one of the big challenges when making the world's biggest skyscrapers is the elevator.

PODCAST: How rich is 'rich' and a Big Mac for Christmas?

For fiscal cliff tax hikes, just how rich is 'rich'? Officials are wrangling with a particular type of home business in the home of country music and news this morning that you can probably get a Big Mac on Christmas Day if you want to, but be sure to spare a kind word for the person behind the counter.

Are mobile ads finally bringing in the bucks?

The future of ad revenues at Facebook is looking somewhat brighter than most had expected.
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McDonald's plans to stay open on Christmas Day

McDonald's is telling franchisees to open this year on Christmas Day. Staying open on Thanksgiving this year gave a nice boost to McDonald's sales, and they'd love a repeat performance.
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Defining 'rich' before the fiscal cliff deadline

President Obama made a new offer to the Republicans yesterday in the fiscal cliff negotiations. The President said he’ll extend Bush era tax cuts for households making less than $400,000, he’d previously drawn the line at $250,000.
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Using Twitter to summon emergency help

On the face of it, it sounds crazy: Your house or apartment is on fire, and rather than phoning the emergency services, you tweet them. But that is what the London Fire Brigade is mulling over.
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Getting back to the office in the wake of tragedy

In Connecticut today, people are heading back to work after Friday's tragic shooting in Newtown.
Posted In: Newtown, shooting, psychology, workplace

Car sales drive economy around the world

Car makers are headed for a record year for sales. Never mind a sluggish U.S. economy and a European recession.
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Skyscraper height stunted by elevator technology

The U.S. may be littered with skyscrapers, but by the end of the year, nearly three-quarters of the world's 100 tallest buildings will be located in Asia and the Middle East.
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Nashville may ease ban on home studios

The 'Music City' is considering loosening the rules on home recording studios.
Posted In: music industry, working from home, Nashville

Google close to settlement with FTC

Google's expected deal with the Federal Trade Commission would end an investigation into whether the search engine steered Internet users to its own site.
Posted In: Google, FTC, anti-trust

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