Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ECB holds a special on loans

For two weeks, the European Central Bank is offering unlimited loans at below-market interest rates. Megan Williams reports the ECB hopes to make more credit available to businesses to keep the economy from further slumping.

Construction numbers sink to new low

Construction of new single-family homes hit a 16-year low last month, according to a Commerce Department report this morning. Amy Scott reports this could affect many other industries well into next year.
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How much for the Magna Carta?

We have the Magna Carta to thank for documents declaring the rights of man and the sovereign system of government. And now for a few million, you can own it. Jeremy Hobson has more on the Sotheby's auction.

Wii still not restocked yet

Anyone who's tried to get a Nintendo Wii this season knows how much they're in demand. Doug Krizner talks to Leo Louis of the Times of London about why supply is so short -- and whether the shortage might be intentional.
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High numbers make you highly suspect

Goldman Sachs earnings come out today, and while the firm is expected to have healthy numbers, it's not easy to be considered the "smartest firm on Wall Street." Sam Eaton reports people will be watching closely.
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Lessons of 'Snowpeople' not cool

A wintry picture book lauding individuality through a shopping spree to Saks Fifth Avenue is not something commentator Susan Linn sees fit for any 4-year-old she knows. She warns of the dangers of early branding.

Avoid holiday stress: Hire someone

Decorating your home for the holiday is an arduous, stressful activity. So why not hire someone else to do it? For the right price, Dr. Christmas will do everything from roof lights to an Art Deco tree. Lenora Chu reports.

Flight satisfaction no longer guaranteed

Airlines may say they care about their passengers, but many critics believe their actions say differently. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on waning customer satisfaction and opposition to a passenger bill of rights.

Fed to focus on lenders

The Federal Reserve wants to protect consumers from another subprime debacle by imposing new rules on lenders. But some lenders say more restrictions might have a reverse effect. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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