Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday August 26, 2014

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First up, more on news that the World Health Organization has increased by six fold the amount of money it needs from world governments to fight the Ebola virus in Africa. Plus, nine years ago this morning, a big storm was creeping west across the Gulf, after smashing through Florida. Its name: Katrina. Since then, we've not had a gargantuan hurricane (if you define Sandy as a superstorm, not a hurricane, and you regard Irene in 2011 as awful but not gargantuan). So where does this leaves the insurance industry? Elsewhere, volcanic rumblings in Iceland have raised fears of a major threat to air travel across Europe. Four years ago an Icelandic eruption grounded thousands of flights, costing several billion dollars. But there are reasons to believe history isn't about to repeat itself.  

Why Americans are less satisfied with their cars

Though car sales are up, people's satisfaction with their cars is at a low.
Posted In: auto industry, auto market

PODCAST: Sharing is caring, but not insured

Burger King takes over, Pfizer's inversion, and insuring the "sharing economy."
Hurricane Katrina

A lack of hurricanes is not all good for insurers

Without the occasional natural disaster, insurance companies must compete on price.
Posted In: flood insurance, hurricane, Hurricane Katrina

Volcanic rumblings stir economic concerns

Activity at Iceland's Bardabunga volcano raises fear of flight restrictions.
Posted In: air lines, airplane travel, volcano
AstraZeneca- Pfizer

U.S. corporations park billions overseas

Pfizer, Merck, Microsoft, Apple and others store money overseas for tax advantage.
Posted In: Pfizer, Mergers and Acquisitions, pharmaceuticals

How the sharing industry gets insurance

Getting insurance coverage can be a challenge for sharing companies.
Posted In: sharing economy, Small Business

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