Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tongue tech can help disabled

Scientists are working with a new technological system that will help people with spinal cord injuries control electronics with their tongue. Janet Babin explains how the technology works and how it's helpful.
Posted In: Health, Science

Latino markets growing in the U.S.

The Latino food and beverage market in the U.S. is expected to grow to $8.4 billion in the next three years. Dan Grech reports how Latino grocery chains are assimilating with mainstream supermarket culture.
Posted In: Food, Retail

Rio Tinto earnings stave off BHP

Mining giant Rio Tinto announced earnings more than doubled for the first half of this year. The company is hoping that will help it fight off a hostile takeover bid from rival BHP Billiton. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Economy

The housing market has a green lining

The bad news in the housing market has been good news for people interested in preserving the land. Jennifer Collins explores why it's been easier for conservation groups to create more green spaces.
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Venezuela lures Honduras into trade

Honduras has joined a Central American trade pact on a sweetheart deal with Venezuela for cheap oil. Dan Grech reports why the U.S. may want to pay attention to the deal and maybe try to procure an attractive counteroffer.

Back to school on a budget

In this year's back to school shopping season, finding bargains and going to discount stores are the trends. Nancy Farghalli looks into how families are cutting back on their spending on clothes and school supplies.
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For the sake of the sockeye salmon

A measure on a Homer, Alaska ballot would limit pollution from mining operations to avoid threatening salmon fisheries. But some say this is a way to avoid construction of a copper and gold mine. Emily Schwing reports.

U.S. dollar starts coming back around

The dollar is up this morning against the trend over the last several months. Stephen Beard talks to Scott Jagow about fears of a continued struggle in the Eurozone economy and why the dollar is rising again.
Posted In: Economy, Oil

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