Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Markets across Asia are down, and Indonesia is getting the worst of it. Why is it so complicated to buy World Cup soccer tickets? And small businesses fight back against cruise ship kickbacks.

Home improvement improves Home Depot

Home Depot is out today with strong earnings. American sales are up 11 percent from last year.
Posted In: Home Depot, housing market

PODCAST: Taper tantrum

Al Jazeera launches with loads of cash. The markets throw a taper tantrum. And the fight for same-sex marriage goes door to door.

Tesla adds another trophy to the shelf

A hot car, a stock price doing back flips into positive territory -- for a young company, Tesla is having a great year.
Posted In: tesla, electric cars

Hi-tech glove turns words into touch

Design researcher Tom Bieling has made something called the Lorm Glove, which could soon help people who are deaf or blind communicate.
Posted In: disability, Tech, blind

Crowdsourced 'Danger Maps' reveal contamination in China

With the financial help of Internet company Alibaba, Liu Chunlei has been crowdsourcing so-called 'Danger Maps' to make pollution information publicly available.
Posted In: China, pollution, alibaba

Buying Instagram followers with the help of cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are selling Instagram followers with help from an old computer virus called Zeus.
Posted In: instagram, social media, cybercrime

A confusing path to get World Cup tickets

A lottery for tickets to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil opens Tuesday, but it will be months before fans know if they have won seats.
Posted In: World Cup, soccer, brazil

Al Jazeera America: What's the business model?

With lots of cash to throw into the launch, Al Jazeera America doesn’t need the kind of advertising revenue its competitors bring in.
Posted In: media, Al Jazeera, TV news, news, Qatar

Alaska moves to regulate cruise ship kickbacks

Alaska is the first state to crack down on so-called 'port lecturers' who try to steer cruise ship passengers to shop in specific stores on ports of call.
Posted In: Alaska, cruise ships

Indonesia markets tumble on Fed fears

Asian markets are down, and Indonesia is getting the worst of it.
Posted In: Indonesia, asia, stocks

The fight for same-sex marriage goes door to door

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down DOMA, young canvassers are getting signatures and donations to push same-sex marriage in a handful of states.
Posted In: gay marriage, DOMA, Supreme Court

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