Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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As the immigration debate continues in Washington, we take a look at people who are in this country illegally, people who work in the shadows, and who often face exploitation by employers because of their legal status. Can satellite radio win the long-term battle against Internet streaming services? And Best Buy says adios to Europe.

PODCAST: Home prices up, markets moving to Twitter

Home prices are up, Twitter has got the markets moving, and disaster apps are all the rage.

Housing prices surge, rise 9.3% since last year

Home prices rose 1.2 percent in February and were up 9.3 percent since last year, according to the S&P Case-Shiller Index.
Posted In: housing market, home prices, case shiller

Has Facebook saturation finally set in?

Social networks are growing in China, but are they still on the up and up in the U.S.?
Posted In: Facebook, China, social media

U.S. pays down debt for first time in six years

The Treasury Department is expected to start paying down U.S. government debt this quarter for the first time in six years.
Posted In: treasury, federal budget, budget deficit, sequester

Best Buy says goodbye to Europe

Best Buy is pulling out of a big joint venture in Europe. The company is selling back its 50 percent stake in the mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, at a significant loss.
Posted In: Best Buy, Europe, electronics

Emergencies? There's an app for that

A new market is emerging for apps that can connect people to emergency services and family members during a crisis.
Posted In: mobile, mobile apps, natural disasters, Hurricane Sandy

The battle over your car stereo: Where satellite radio stands against streaming services

XM/Sirius dominate the car satellite market, and car sales have bounced back right along with the rest of the economy. But will their success continue against a future of Rdio, Pandora and Spotify?
Posted In: spotify, music streaming, satellite radio, car

Social media and the stock markets after that one AP tweet

One tweet sent the stock market downward, but just for a minute. Now the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions is looking at how social media and the markets should interact.
Posted In: Twitter, social media, stock market

Undocumented workers pay special fees

Undocumented workers are vulnerable to exploitation and often get nickeled and dimed as a result of their status.
Posted In: undocumented, immigrant, Chicago

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