Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Today the National Rifle Association releases its proposal for placing armed guards in all public schools. The unemployment rate in the 17 countries that use the euro has hit a new high -- 12 percent.  And as New York City Michael Bloomberg serves his final year in office, we take a look at whether his personal wealth has protected him from political interest groups.

Mayor Bloomberg is "nobody's puppet." But is he a muppet?

Michael Bloomberg says he can't be bought by special interests, but a cozy relationship with Miss Piggy suggests he may bow to 'festive interests.'
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PODCAST: Carmakers kick it up, H1-B visa snapped up

Carmakers kick it into high gear in March. The sequester hits, but unevenly. And H1-B visa are a hot ticket item this week.

NASA trailer to be shown before 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'

The only thing better than a captive audience is a friendly one. So it makes sense that ahead of the new Star Trek movie, there will be a message from America's real life space explorers.
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Automakers kick into high gear

The 'big three' automakers -- Chrysler, GM, and Ford -- are reporting sharp gains in sales for the month of March. Chrysler says the latest month was their best since 2007.
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NRA's plan for school guards: Who, how much, and how trained

The NRA reveals its plans to protect schools from shooters like Adam Lanza. What are the plans? And who bears the costs?
Posted In: gun violence, NRA, guns, gun control

Employers race to snap up foreign work visas

Want a sign that business is hiring? For the first time since 2008, federal officials expect the 85,000 visas for foreign skilled workers will be snapped up in just a few days.
Posted In: H-1B visas, visa, Science

Quiz: How much will gas mileage standards save you?

If the Obama administration's fuel efficiency standards, which are set for 2025, were enforced today, how much less money would each American driver spend per year on gasoline?
Posted In: gas, gas mileage, Obama

Euro unemployment rises to record high 12 percent

The jobless rate across the 17 counties that use the euro currency rose to 12 percent in January and February of 2013, adding to signs that the region's economic slump may not be over.
Posted In: euro, Europe debt crisis, Unemployment

Mayor Bloomberg's wealth holds lessons for politics

As a multi-billionaire, Michael Bloomberg has governed New York free from debts to special interests. But there's another side to that independence.
Posted In: Michael Bloomberg, New York City, politics

Sequester hits government contractors unevenly

Some government contractors take cuts in stride, others struggle.
Posted In: sequester, military, defense contractors

Nursing exams keep pace with health care tech advances

It helps to be up on the latest tech if you want to be a registered nurse. This week the National Council of State Boards of Nursing is rolling out a new update to its nurse licensing exam.
Posted In: health care, Tech, nurses

What car sales say about our economic recovery

The big auto makers reveal how many trucks and cars they sold in March -- and economists will read those figures as economic tea leaves.
Posted In: cars, trucks, Toyota, Ford, GM

'Facebook Home'? A new Facebook flavored smartphone

Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET Reviews joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to discuss what a Facebook smartphone would look like and why it might sell.
Posted In: Facebook, smart phones, mobile, htc

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