Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why is lower not low enough?

Analysts have been instantly pessimistic when they don't see the job numbers they want. Why is that? Steve Chiotakis asks Doug Foreman, Director of Equities at Highmark Capital in San Francisco.
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WTO to rule in Boeing-Airbus battle

The World Trade Organization will rule tomorrow on the epic dispute between Boeing and Airbus, with Boeing expected to be the winner. Stephen Beard reports why this may be just the beginning.
Posted In: Airlines

NYC's off-track betting slows to a trot

New York City's Off-Track Betting takes in a billion dollars a year in bets. But the OTB has been losing money, and the governor has signed an order to reorganize it under Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Alisa Roth reports.
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Villagers, China clash in poison case

Village parents in China's Hunan province are being detained after protesting the government's reneging of payments owed to families through a public children's lead poisoning case. Scott Tong reports how the government is trying to discredit parents.
Posted In: Crime

YouTube considers fees for films

YouTube is talking with major studios about streaming films online for a fee. Studios could benefit by gaining access to new viewers, as YouTube has garnered about 40 percent of the online video market. Sam Eaton reports.
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Over 7 billion people by 2011?

A new projection indicates the world population may surpass 7 billion people in the next two years. But the population is contracting in parts of Europe and Asia, while Africa may add 1 billion more people by mid-century. John Dimsdale reports.

More capital may help banks in future

Many banks back from financial collapse are exploring ways to prevent future freefall. The Obama administration is proposing one measure that would require banks to maintain larger capital reserves. Sam Eaton reports.

For some, beer pong stakes are high

You may know it as a popular college drinking game, but those who take it seriously can win thousands of dollars at tournaments dedicated to competitive beer pong. Jeff Tyler talked to some beer-pongers in Los Angeles.
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