Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 24, 2009

Citi looking to scale back on branches

Citigroup may be planning to scale back its retail branches. With just about 1,000 right now, the bank is reportedly planning to focus on the six major cities where it has the strongest presence. Tamara Keith reports.
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Less junk food consumption in the U.S.?

Which junk food has seen its consumption decrease the most among U.S. children? Stephan Richter of quizzes Bill Radke, and also shares some good news about Americans' junk food intake.
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Fed plans its housing market spending

Yesterday, the Fed said it plans to spend a total of $1.25 trillion on propping up the housing market by buying mortgage-backed securities. As the market shows signs of recovery, the Fed says it will slow down the pace of purchases. Amy Scott reports.

House explores new solar investments

A House committee will decide today what more can be invested in solar energy. Some say through low-interest loans and tax breaks, more can be done to lower the cost of the resource. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

AIDS vaccine cuts risk of HIV

Researchers said this morning they have a breakthrough in the search for an AIDS vaccine. In a human trial in Thailand, an experimental vaccine has for the first time cut the risk of HIV infection. Steve Chiotakis talks to Stephen Beard.
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Gen Y swings its purchasing power

Today's young adults have a great deal of spending power. Steve Chiotakis talks to author Kit Yarrow, whose book "Gen Buy" explores how teens and 20-somethings are spending their money and shaping retail.
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What the White House wants at G20

The world's economic leaders are in Pittsburgh, Penn. today for the G20 summit and the White House will be pushing for new banking and financial regulations and an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Joel Rose reports.

No full TARP return to taxpayers

TARP special inspector general Neil Barofsky's testimony to the Treasury Department says taxpayers aren't likely to see a full return on their bailout investment. He's also advocating for more Treasury transparency. Tamara Keith reports.

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