Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 15, 2011

Central banks make dollars available to ease European crisis

Five central banks across the globe will allow European banks to access U.S. dollars for three months, in the hopes that it will stifle any further economic downward spiral.
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Battle between Boeing and the NLRB heats up

A bill up for vote in the House today would allow companies to relocate plants, and the jobs at those plants, to states that are the most financially advantageous -- even if it means going against workers rights.

The world's central banks join together to combat tough economy

The Federal Reserve and other major central banks across the globe are taking steps to improve the economic situation in Europe.
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Tech IPOs down, but not out in midst of financial crisis

According to reports, the initial public offering for Groupon will soon be back on after several delays. But what about the fate of tech companies in the long-term?

Geithner, U.S. hope to work with Europe to turn economy around

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner heads to Europe tomorrow to discuss the ongoing debt crisis with E.U. finance ministers. But will he, and the U.S., be able to make a difference?
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U.K. seeks to reform date stamps on food packaging

In the U.K., families throw away over 5 million tons of perfectly good food every year. The U.K. government thinks "sell-by" dates are to blame.
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Is Germany also at fault in E.U. financial crisis?

Much blame has been placed on Greece and other indebted countries for the financial woes of the European Union. But according to one columnist, Germany is also in the wrong.

Would Chinese investment in the U.S. encourage hiring?

At the World Economic Forum, the premier of China said that opening up American markets to more Chinese investment would create jobs in the U.S.
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U.S. and Europe must work together to spur growth

Economic growth in Europe is predicted to slow for the rest of 2011, which is certain to make an economic impact in the U.S. Marketplace's David Gura tells us why leaders must work together to prevent that.
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Foreclosure numbers rose in August

Rates from earlier this year, though, were artificially low because of botched paperwork and legislation.
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Phil Angelides on the Lehman Brothers collapse

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers three years later: What have we learned? Phil Angelides, former chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, talks about the financial crisis of 2008.
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The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, three years later

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy three years ago today. Marketplace's Heidi Moore takes a look back at what happened, and how it's still affecting the economy today.
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Obama jobs bill revives jobless benefits debate

The White House wants to extend unemployment insurance benefits, but critics say that will give the jobless an incentive to stay jobless.
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