Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, October 27, 2011

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A deal is finally reached in Europe to prevent any further economic trauma. What will it mean for us here in the U.S.? A boat show helps the economy of Florida, and big cable companies lose subscribers who just watch their TV online. The super committee in Washington continues to butt heads, and that could mean another downgrade down the pipe.

Democrats, Republicans release separate debt reduction plans

Another downgrade could be on the horizon if Democrats and Republicans on the super committee can't agree on a debt reduction plan in the coming months.

Fort Lauderdale gears up for boat show

Yachts have an $18 billion ripple effect on Florida's economy.
Posted In: Retail

Do job fairs work?

Today, thousands of people are expected to participate in a job fair in one of Southern California's counties hardest-hit by the economic downturn. So how effective are job fairs?
Posted In: Jobs

Cable losing subscribers

Time Warner Cable has been shedding tens of thousands of subscribers every month. Are tight household budgets putting the squeeze on cable?
Posted In: Entertainment

Greek immigrants facing uncertain times

Young Greeks say there aren't many work prospects at home. Some decide to emigrate to America, but they are in the grip of the biggest jobs turndown in decades.
Posted In: Economy

Initial reactions to the European debt deal

A deal was reached among the leaders in Europe over how to fight off a recession, but is the plan enough to get the job done?

Is there more to be done in Europe?

After much drama and delay, a deal with specific numbers was reached in Europe. What more is there to do?

U.S. markets react to eurozone's grand plan

What will the deal reached in Europe mean for us here in the U.S.?

The potential effects of the Greek debt deal

Now that a deal has been reached in Europe, experts wonder what that will mean for Europeans and Americans in the coming months.

European leaders reach Greek debt deal

After much drama, European leaders reached a deal on the debt crisis. But what exactly does that mean?

Businesses could soon learn much more than your credit score

Companies are now collecting data beyond your basic credit score, but there are still laws surrounding the practice.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Mid-day Extra: What happened to Nintendo?

Nintendo is predicting that it will take a loss for the first time in thirty years. What went wrong?
Posted In: Entertainment, nintendo

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