Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ford's losses not so bad

Ford's third-quarter numbers reflected a loss not as big as Wall Street analysts originally thought. Alisa Roth reports on how the company has managed to cut its losses, despite wan sales.
Posted In: Auto, Wall Street

South Africa's gold market is glistening

Gold is close to being at an all-time -- which is good news for South Africa, the world's leading gold producer. Gretchen Wilson looks into what's making gold a popular investment right now.
Posted In: Economy

EPA creating more CO2?

The Environmental Protection Agency head is under fire for a new coal-fired power plant, after a Supreme Court decision on the EPA's power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Sarah Gardner reports.

ECB torn on direction for Euro

The European Central Bank must decide whether to raise or lower euro interest rates. Stephen Beard reports on the many factors at work, including the price of oil and the euro's fast rise against the U.S. dollar.
Posted In: Economy

Looking forward to a rainy vacation

It rains a lot in Kerala. But that's good for tourism, thanks to the way the Indian state is marketing its monsoons. Mary-Rose Abraham explores the therapeutic power of a downpour.
Posted In: Travel

Start young. Really young.

Brass Magazine CEO Bryan Sims, recently on Business Week's list of entrepreneurs 25 and under, started his money magazine while in college. Scott Jagow talks to him about his road to success.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Weekend for exclusive shoppers only

Best Buy is attempting to get an edge on holiday shopping by inviting its top customers to an exclusive sale this Sunday. Lisa Napoli tells us why this might help the retailer in an ultra-competitive season.
Posted In: Retail

Things can only go up . . . or down

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has a two-fold problem when addressing the economy -- we can either have inflation or a downturn. Paul Brandus explains he may want to retain balance by maintaining a stable policy.
Posted In: Economy

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