Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 29, 2007

The curtains are back up on Broadway

Broadway stagehands and producers came to an agreement that ended the stagehands' 19-day union strike. So, is it time to start the show? Alisa Roth reports it's unclear how many curtains will actually rise tonight.

The economics of eBay, explained

Cyber Monday sales for eBay were expectedly strong, but how does CEO Meg Whitman feel about the rest of the year? Kai Ryssdal sat down with her recently and asked whether she was jittery about the current economy.
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U.S. system for a Chinese market

U.S. financial lobbyists are in China this week in hopes of attaining greater access into its market. Bill Marcus reports how Americans want to be specifically involved in the country's stocks and banking system.
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A not-so-private-equity index

Investors have had difficulty measuring and comparing private-equity funds due to their nature. But a new index will now be tracking them without relying on info from the funds themselves. Jill Barshay reports.
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Vegas gets lucky with business visitors

Not like Las Vegas is struggling for tourism, but Sin City is seeing some extra action from business visitors. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on the draw the city has for businesspeople besides the lure of a quick game.
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Delphi bankruptcy risks getting worse

Delphi is in bankruptcy court today with the intention of getting out. The company hopes to emerge from the filing this year to avoid severe penalties. Alisa Roth reports on the consequences if they don't pull through.
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Salt on the table in Washington

A hearing today will evaluate sodium content in processed foods. Health adovcates want restrictions in place, but some think official regulations don't need to be involved. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Health

Let's get rid of homeowner tax deduction

Congress is bent on finding a way to reduce foreclosures around the country. But economics correspondent Chris Farrell says we should do it by abolishing something Washington holds sacred: the mortgage deduction on taxes.
Posted In: Housing, Investing

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