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When you hear Black Friday, you may think of a fun shopping spree. But some people plan to use the day to buy more practical items. Stocks in Japan are up, but will it mean consumer confidence in the economy? And chances are many of you have spent quite some time in airports over the last few days -- the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest times of the year for traveling. We take a look at the changing design and attractions of airport terminals.

PODCAST: Why are retailers worried this holiday season?

We have one of the shortest holiday shopping seasons upon us. Retailers couldn't be more worried. And a look at two people who are working this Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving comes later than usual this year -- and retailers are panicking

Retailers are worried about the short holiday shopping season.
Posted In: markets, holiday shopping

Are school lunches and stadium food worth $1 billion?

Food concession company Aramark prepares for what could be a $1 billion initial public offering.
Posted In: Aramark, IPO

App focused products reign supreme

Once again, it's the Year of the Tablet.
Posted In: tablet, shopping, Black Friday, apps, smart devices

Going to work on Thanksgiving -- not everyone is bummed about it

While you're eating turkey and enjoying time with family and friends, let's take a moment to acknowledge those who are working on this day.
Posted In: Thanksgiving, working, Retail

Stocks in Japan are up, but will the economy follow?

Today, the Japan Nikkei Index went up another 1.8 percent to get very close to a six year high.
Posted In: bbc, Japan, Nikkei, consumer confidence, China

How to make airports cool -- and profitable

Airports used to be dull, grey boxes we had to pass through to get from one place to another.
Posted In: airports, Airlines, terminals, holidays, design, interiors, traveling, flying

The most practical Thanksgiving Day shopping list we may ever hear

When you hear Black Friday, you may think of a fun shopping spree. But some people plan to use the day to buy more practical items.
Posted In: Black Friday, shopping, Thanksgiving

US Airways merger with American cleared for takeoff

A bankruptcy judge clears American Airlines to merge, which leaves the U.S. airline industry with three giant airline plus a few others.
Posted In: AAdvantage, Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines, merger

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