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Happy Thanksgiving! If you're planning on driving a rental car to the family dinner today, it might not be as easy as you are used to. One estimate shows that 250,000 cars were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and all those people looking for temporary transportation is starting to create a shortage at the rental car companies. While you're on the road, beware of yellow traffic lights. Some cities are being accused of making those lights shorter than usual to get more money out of red light cameras. Plus, a little explanation of negative interest rates from our in house economist, Chris Farrell.

PODCAST: Happy Thanksgiving, 2012!

Some business hors d'oeuvres before you're off to the main event: New proposed rules for the Affordable Care Act, a proposed budget for the European Union, and what you all really want to hear about: some speed bumps to expect on your way to the turkey dinner.

How Americans feel about Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday

You don't need to wait until Black Friday -- shopping will start today in many places. But are consumers ready to spend?
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The effects of negative interest rates

Japan's stock market is at a six and a half month high. And that's in part thanks to expectations that Japan's version of the Federal Reserve is about to get aggressive by setting negative interest rates, to get investors to stop putting their money into government bonds.
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European Union searching for agreement on budget

European Union leaders are gathering in Brussels to hammer out a budget for the EU. And the task will not be easy with the continent still trying desperately to claw its way out of debt.
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Rental cars scarce in NYC for Thanksgiving

Hurricane Sandy damaged hundreds of thousands of cars, so it's been tough to find a rental in time for holiday travel.
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New health care rules may still leave sickest underserved

Health advocates say the new rules under the Affordable Care Act still allow insurers too much flexibility in the coverage they offer.
Posted In: Obama-care, health care reform law

Shorter yellow lights mean more red-light revenue

Some cities with red-light traffic cameras are accused of reducing times for yellow lights to boost revenue from tickets.
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