Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stimulus package in motion for E.U.

The European Commission is drawing up plans for a stimulus plan for all of Europe. The package would total about $160 billion, the same amount as the first package for the U.S. Stephen Beard reports.

U.K. cracking down on immigration

About 500 foreign workers arrive in the U.K. every day to settle down. Now, the government wants to crack down on its immigration policy. Stephen Beard reports a majority of Brits favor a cut in immigration.
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Bad credit could affect office space

Prices for warehouse, retail and office space have dropped recently in much of the country. That could lead to more bank write-downs and trouble for companies trying to get credit. Janet Babin reports.
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A green car push from abroad

A German solar energy company wants to buy General Motors' Opel unit for $1.25 billion. GM says Opel isn't for sale, but Sam Eaton reports it may just be a matter of time before innovation is delivered from the outside.
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Economy a hot topic for therapists

The economy is stressing enough for so many in the U.S. that many are bringing it up in therapy. Sean Cole visits several therapists and finds the crisis as a current event has had an impact akin to 9/11.
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Gold coins are popular again

In poor economic times, gold coins have been considered a stronghold investment. Lately, they're so popular the U.S. Mint can't supply people fast enough. Dan Grech reports on the coin's increased demand.
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Bailout isn't helping out the little guy

Congress will grill the Treasury today on what small business is getting out of the $700 billion bailout. Mitchell Hartman reports for some small businesses, things have gotten worse since the financial bailout began.
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