Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 17, 2011

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On this Thursday morning, the credit rating agency Fitch says the U.S. should be worried about exposure to the European debt crisis. We look at whether Angie's List is ready for an IPO, and why more American elderly are being pushed towards poverty. In Washington, John Dimsdale looks at the insider trading rules that apply -- or don't apply -- to Congressmen.

Is Angie's List ready for its IPO?

The popular website has more than a million paying subscribers, but it's still in a hole.
Posted In: IPO, Angie's List

Insider trading in Congress

Several new bills to stop insider trading by Congressmen are gaining momentum on Capitol Hill.
Posted In: STOCK Act, Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge

Money goes mobile in developing economies

Somali refugees in Kenya are using cell phones for a number of monetary transactions.
Posted In: M-Pesa, Kenya, East Africa

Poverty numbers among elderly rise

Higher health care costs could be what's pushing more of the elderly into poverty.
Posted In: poverty, health care

Fitch warns of U.S. exposure to euro debt

The credit rating agency Fitch says U.S. banks could be hit hard by the turmoil in Europe. The warning came late yesterday and sent bank shares tumbling.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Fitch, exposure

Arab League gives Syria deadline to stop violence

Pressure is mounting against the Syrian government to stop violent protests in the country. If they continue past the three day deadline, economic sanctions are the next step.
Posted In: syria, Arab Spring

Apple stays quiet on environmental concerns in China

Apple has remained relatively quiet on accusations of unsafe working conditions and environmental concerns in China. But they have hired an outside company to look into the problems.
Posted In: China's Environment, China, apple

Fitch warning causes U.S. stocks to drop

The threat of a European contagion is far from over, and U.S. banks could be hit by their exposure to France and other countries.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Fitch

Occupy Wall Street gathers in front of NYSE

Recently evicted, the Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to keep its momentum going even after leaving Zuccotti Park.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street, new york stock exchange

Will the super committee reach a deal?

Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains why the super committee might not reach a deal by its deadline.
Posted In: super committee, The Federal Reserve

Super committee deadline looms

The super committee in Washington must reach a deal by next week, but that is looking increasingly unlikely.
Posted In: super committee

PODCAST: Engineers study harder than business majors

In today's Mid-day Update, we look at the ongoing debt crisis and Europe and its potential effects on U.S. banks. Meanwhile, the deadline for the Congressional super committee is not far off. And poverty numbers among the elderly are rising.
Posted In: mid-day update

Mid-day Extra: How book awards translate to dollars

Last night, the winners of this year's National Book Awards were announced.
Posted In: mid-day update

California faces more budget cuts

The state of California is receiving much less in revenue this year than it projected.
Posted In: state budget, Jerry Brown

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