Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 06, 2008

Google backs out of Yahoo deal

Federal regulators are glad to see the Google/Yahoo ad partnership fail because they feared less competition would make online ad sales expensive. Janet Babin reports consumer advocates are happy for another reason.
Posted In: Internet, Mergers and Acquisitions

Confidence down for holiday shopping

Consumer confidence for October plunged to its lowest level ever, and some predict the worst holiday shopping season in more than two decades. Sam Eaton reports some retailers may be hurt more than others.
Posted In: Retail

Congressional help for automakers?

The auto industry wants a lot from Congress, from a cash infusion to help with the GM-Chrysler merger. Steve Chiotakis talks to Steve Henn in Washington, where auto execs are meeting with House leaders.
Posted In: Auto

Universities have Silicon Valley thunder

With Silicon Valley in a bit of a slump, research departments at universities are getting a leg up. Caitlan Carroll looks at how one technology start-up at the University of Southern California is following the trend.
Posted In: Education, Entrepreneurship

ECB, Bank of England cut interest rates

The European Central Bank cut interest rates today by 0.5%, and Britain's central bank sliced them by 1.5% -- one of the steepest cuts on record. Stephen Beard reports that many economists see Britain headed for a nasty recession.

The Obama effect on U.S. industries

What will the Obama administration mean for individual American industries? Bill Radke talks to Alisa Roth, who explores how President-elect Obama's policies may affect energy companies, auto makers and infrastructure.
Posted In: Economy, Jobs

Are you down with OTC?

We've told you how credit default swaps caused trouble for the economy, which are tricky instruments traded in the over-the-counter, or OTC, market. In this Marketplace Decoder, Rico Gagliano explains.
Posted In: Investing

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