Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why GM gave bondholders better deal

Analyst and management professor Peter Cohan talks with Bill Radke about why GM offered its bondholders a new deal and if a quick bankruptcy will help more people keep their jobs.
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A look at GM's new bondholder offer

Plunkett Cooney bankruptcy attorney Doug Bernstein talks with Bill Radke about the new offer GM made to its bondholders.

Why bondholders took GM's new offer

Doug Foreman, director of equities at Highmark Capital, talks with Steve Chiotakis about how GM's new bondholder offer might change the game and why bondholders took the automaker's offer.
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Weighing the risk of investing in states

There are fears the state of California could default on its debts. But would investors from other places be interested in the debt, given all the risk? Sarah Gardner says yes, and explains why.
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Opel talks start off with tension

Before the talks began, GM revealed it needed an extra $400 million in cash to keep Opel going, which outraged German officials. Bill Radke asks European correspondent Stephen Beard why and what this boils down to for the companies involved.
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Public plans pressure private pricing

In the push for health care reform, the details for how a public plan would work are still a bit hazy. But one line of reasoning says the government could save billions by undercutting prices. Steve Henn reports.
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Where recession can hurt clean energy

Global electricity use is expected to fall this year for the first time since World War II. The plus side: less energy means less CO2 in the atmosphere. But Sam Eaton reports why the recession may pave the way for a dirtier future.

Bottom, bottom, where is the bottom?

We have many economic barometers to help us figure out what's going on with the economy, but data points in different directions. Steve Chiotakis puts it all into perspective with economics correspondent Chris Farrell.

Investors yield to inflation concerns

The Treasury Department is looking to sell $26 billion in government bonds today. It's the third Treasury auction this week. Jeremy Hobson reports inflation and the federal deficit are big concerns amidst investors.
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Visteon bankruptcy wasn't unexpected

Auto parts maker Visteon has $4.5 billion assets, but is $5.3 billion in debt. Ford will back Visteon through its bankruptcy filing. Tamara Keith talks to Steve Chiotakis about what the company will see in the coming months.
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