Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scottish property owners thwart Trump's golf plans

Donald Trump's attempts to build a golf club on Scotland's Northeast coast are being thwarted by local property owners.

Will new zombie film draw moviegoers?

Jim Kendrick, assistant professor of film at Baylor University, talks with Jeremy Hobson about George Romero's latest movie, "Survival of the Dead," and how unusual a big zombie movie like that is.
Posted In: Entertainment

United, Continental testify in Senate on merger

Continental and United CEOs are testifying before the Senate committee on the merger between Continental and United.
Posted In: Airlines, Mergers and Acquisitions

For authors, dealing with booksellers can be key

Authors and booksellers are crowding Book Expo America in New York City to seal the deal on which books will end up in which bookstores. Lisa Napoli explains why this is a vital step for authors who want sales success.

Eurozone advances on spending cuts

Spanish lawmakers have decided to make substantial cuts in public spending. Italy has also signed off on its own series of spending cuts.

Bradshaw prefers PC to Mac in 'Sex and the City 2'

Macs are the more traditional bet for sleeker, sexier laptops. But could Hewlett-Packard's new design, which won it product placement in the Sex and the City sequel, threaten Apple's title?
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BP's 'top kill' is successfully plugging oil leak

Latest effort to seal the spewing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is working so far, according to top officials leading the cleanup effort.
Posted In: Oil

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