Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 26, 2011

First-time jobless claims rise by 10,000

The Labor Department announced today that jobless claims increased by 10,000 to 424,000 last week. Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains what could be affecting the job market.
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UBS may move investment banking branch out of Switzerland

The Swiss financial giant plans to incorporate its investment bank, which lost billions during the financial crisis, outside of Switzerland.
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Congress tackles AT&T and T-Mobile merger

The heads of AT&T and T-Mobile will appear before members of Congress today to defend the merger of the two wireless companies, saying the union won't affect market competition.
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Human interaction costs extra at airline Jetstar

The Australian budget airline announced a push to convert all aspects of air travel to "self-service." Passengers will be in charge of their own luggage, check-ins and boarding. And the privilege of speaking to an employee will cost you.
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Lack of enforcement may negate G8's relevancy

The leaders of eight of the world's wealthiest nations have much to discuss at their annual meeting this week, including emerging democracies, nuclear safety and even the Internet. But any statements or pledges that come out of the meeting are not guaranteed, due to a lack of policy enforcement.

Is the G8 group of industrialized nations still relevant?

The leaders of the eight industrialized nations have started their annual meeting in Deauville, France. But David Shorr, senior policy analyst at the Stanley Foundation, says the richest nations in the world are struggling to show their relevance.

New York state nears deal to cap property tax

With among the highest property taxes in the country, New York aims to limit annual increases but also accommodate school districts.
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Revolution has boosted consumer confidence in Egypt

Economists were worried that political upheaval would slow the Egyptian economy, but instead, a study shows that consumer confidence seems to have risen.

Forty percent of young people can't pay health bills

A new study finds that a large group of young people -- and over half of young women -- are struggling with paying medical bills. Will things change with Obamacare?
Posted In: Health

Extreme weather could prove costly for taxpayers

A historic flood and drought in the same year are making this a rough season for farmers. And if you pay federal taxes, then you subsidize the crop insurance industry.
Posted In: Agriculture

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