Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday May 22,2014

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Star Wars
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Best Buy reports earnings on Thursday, and sales are expected to rebound after a dismal holiday season. The big reason? Online shopping is up 20 percent in the U.S. We look at how Best Buy’s increased focus on e-commerce to compete with Amazon. Plus, Chicago is in the battle to land the new Star Wars museum -- but competition is stiff. To what extent is Chiacgo’s economy based on tourism dollars? And what sort of difference could landing this sort of museum make? Back to London -- realtors in one of its toniest districts boast that business is booming. The dramatic price rises of recent years have spread to most areas of the city. That leaves many wannabe homebuyers unable to buy a home.  Realtors want the buoyant market to continue but some Londoners are hoping the bubble bursts. 

PODCAST: The economy in Uighur China

Today's attack on a market in Xinjiang killed 31. A look at Scottish independence.

British home buyers fear a 'super bubble'

Realtors like London's high home costs but others hope the 'bubble' will burst.
Posted In: London
George Lucas

Which cities will profit off the Star Wars museum?

Chicago is competing with San Francisco to host a new George Lucas museum.
Posted In: Star Wars, museum, tourism

The economic backdrop to China's terrorist attacks

Today's attack on a market in Xinjiang killed 31, injuring at least 90.
Posted In: China, Uighurs, terrorism
Best Buy Online

Best Buy's website is trying to take on Amazon

But, of course, the web is tough for traditional retailers.
Posted In: Best Buy, Amazon, online shopping

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