Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chrysler expected to replay government loans next week

The automaker is expected to announce today that it has reached a deal to refinance its debt. Chrysler is expected to repay the $7.5 billion in government loans early next week.
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Fed nears agreement on how to exit stimulus

Federal Reserve officials laid out a broad plan for a gradual tightening of fiscal conditions in their April 26-27 meeting. Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains.
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Chrysler nears deal to repay bailouts

The automaker plans to pay back the $6 billion in U.S. government loans by May 24 to strengthen the automaker's financial position.
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Tobacco companies prepare to fight new Australian regulations

One of Australia's major tobacco companies says it will slash the prices of its product if regulations force them to use generic packaging. A move the company says will entice more kids into smoking.

Japan falls back into recession

Japan's economy shrank in the first quarter, pushing the country back into recession. Production and consumer spending were hit by the March earthquake and tsunami.

Natural gas drillers asked to revamp wastewater dumping systems

Upon discovery that natural gas drillers were dumping wastewater into rivers that were used for drinking water, Pennsylvania's environmental regulator has asked for drillers to find other ways to dispose of the waste.

The possible economic effects of Obama's Middle East speech

President Obama will be making his second major address on the Middle East. Expect to hear about free market economies and how that might affect employment in Arab countries.

News programs are still big draw for advertisers

News programs continue to lose viewers every year, but their low costs and attractiveness to ad sellers make them important to a network.

How state pension funds affect the rest of the state and government

Many state budgets are in trouble, and pension funds could be taking a hit. We consider the impact.

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