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President Obama is counting on fundraising support from Hollywood tonight with Mitt Romney out-raising him on Wall Street. Obama made waves when he came out in support of gay marriage, but how do Americans feel about it? U.S. imports and exports have hit record levels. The construction of a new highway between Illinois and Indiana has some residents on edge. And following the crash of a new Russian aircraft in Indoensia, what's the state of its airline industry?

Credit card companies compete for mobile wallet business

Credit card companies already get a piece of the transaction when consumers use PayPal or Bango to make payments with mobile technology. But can they really compete in the new world of mobile payment?
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President Obama returns to Hollywood

The president seeks more Hollywood cash now that GOP challenger Mitt Romney is cutting into his Wall Street donations.
Posted In: Barack Obama, 2012 election, campaign contribution

Economic mobility tracked state by state

Moving up is more likely in some states; education levels may make a difference.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, mobility, American dream

New highway may leave Illinois homeowners in the dust

Lawmakers in Illinois are poised to take up a bill to hasten construction on a new expressway. But to get the land for the highway, lawmakers may use a controversial method known as quick-take power.
Posted In: Transportation, eminent domain, Illinois

China and the Philippines in territorial dispute

A disputed territory in the South China Sea is rich in oil and gas. China's tough stance reflects its growing military prowess.
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What's next for Russia's aviation industry after plane crash?

One of Russia's passenger planes crashed into a volcano in Indonesia. Reporter Peter van Dyk discusses the implications of the crash.
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How do Americans feel about gay marriage?

According to recent Gallup data, Americans are split on legalized same-sex marriage. How might the issue play out among voters this election year?
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How concerned should we be over Greece?

Greece still hasn't formed a new government. And there's a lot of talk about the nation leaving the eurozone. How likely is that?
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U.S. trade gap widens

The Commerce Department reported the U.S. bought a record amount goods from overseas in March. Meanwhile, U.S. companies sold a record amount of stuff overseas. All told, it adds up to a soaring trade gap.
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Fed gives OK for 3 Chinese banks to expand in U.S.

How significant is this green light from the Federal Reserve and should U.S. banks worry?
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PODCAST: Obama heads to Hollywood, Fed OKs Chinese bank moves

President Obama could raise as much as $15 million at a fundraiser in Hollywood. The fundraiser comes on the heels of his endorsement of gay marriage. We speak with Gallup's Frank Newport about how Americans feel about same-sex marriage. The Fed has approved three Chinese banks expanding into the U.S. And in other international news, we take a look at the ongoing woes in the eurozone, Russia's troubled aviation industry, and a territorial dispute between China and the Philippines.

The future of workspace design

Kelly Bacon from TPG Architecture in New York discusses the latest trends in workspace design and what offices should do to create sophisticated work environments.
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